DigComp Hub – Promoting the adoption of the European Digital Competence Framework for Citizens (DigComp) through the development of the DigComp Hub

The DigComp Hub (DCH), an Erasmus+ Cooperation partnership, aims to support and engage adult education providers across Europe in the path to digital transformation through the use of the DigComp Framework.

The project’s ultimate goal is the wider adoption of DigComp and the creation of synergies in particular among adult education providers, educators, policymakers and other European stakeholders.

This is done with three action lines:

  1. Develop and nurture a Community of Practice (CoP) around DigComp.
    Part of this process is to build bridges between different actors and sectors in the field of education and training (E&T), including those working on other European key competence frameworks such as EntreComp, GreenComp and LifeComp.
  2. Deliver a short-training and mentoring online programme to support adult education providers on the adoption and use of DigComp
    The DCH training&mentoring activities address trainers and teachers, instructional designers and managers of E&T organisations in the following domains: adult education (formal and non-formal) – offering digital learning experiences to adults in a lifelong learning self-development perspective and to seniors, young NEETs and others at risk of digital and social exclusion; vocational education&training – working with unemployed and employees wishing to upskill or reskill.
  3. Promote the wide adoption of DigComp across Europe
    Communication campaigns and dissemination activities are carried out to raise awareness and disseminate information about DigComp and its potential contribution to the transformation of adult education.
Project structure, timing and expected results

The DigComp Hub project lasts 30 months (January 2023 – June 2025) and will be implemented through 4 Work Packages:


WP2. CoP support and development activities will be carried out throughout the project duration and are expected to lead to:


WP3. The short training and mentoring program will support the professional development of adult education providers on the DigComp framework, its use and how to practically adopt it within learning centres. Dedicated expert mentors/tutors will guide, support and provide step-by-step feedback in designing, applying, and reviewing the adoption process. In practical terms:

The DigComp training and mentoring programme, the Toolkit and other resources developed in the project will be in English. They will be open and designed to be easily adaptable and reusable in different contexts and countries.


WP4. The promotion of DigComp through European awareness raising campaigns linked to the ALL DIGITAL Weeks, the production of dedicated communication and dissemination materials, workshops and other activities aimed at creating and stimulating synergies between different actors and sectors in the field of education and training are expected: