training course and mentoring

Introducing DigComp Hub’s
"Training Course and Mentoring opportunities
on the DigComp Framework"

A pilot training course on how to design education and training courses for adult learners using the European Digital Competence Framework for Citizens (DigComp).


  • A comprehensive overview of the European Digital Competence Framework for Citizens;
  • A practical methodology for effectively using it by E&T providers. From the identification of the digital skilling needs of adult learners, to the creation of education and training courses for them.

By the end of the course, participants will have the knowledge and skills to confidently apply the DigComp Framework in their educational activities. Equipping them to effectively contribute to the development of learners’ digital competences and promote digital inclusion.

The DigComp HUB Training course at a glance

Knowledge domain:

  • Digital Competences (competence areas: information and data literacy, communication and collaboration, digital content creation, safety, problem-solving);
  • Adult Education;
  • Instructional Design.

Type: Asynchronous learning
Course length: 4 cycles, and each one spans a duration of two weeks.

Estimated study time: 14-16 hours

Cycle dates:

  • 1st Cycle: 1 to 16 of February 2024
  • 2nd Cycle: start on 29 April 2024
  • 3rd Cycle: September 2024
  • 4th Cycle: January 2025

Requirements: The course is open to everyone and access is free

Special needs from the educational environment: The educational environment is accessible through a personal computer, or any other mobile device connected to the internet.

Keywords: Digital competences, adult education 

The course is hosted on the All Digital Academy Platform, a training hub managed by All Digital. To participate you need to register on the Platform and registration is free.

As a pilot course, we value your opinion. Participants will be invited to evaluate the course and provide feedback. Successful completion of the course not only offers the chance to receive a participation certificate but also allows enrollment in mentoring sessions.

Learning goals

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the European Digital Competence Framework for Citizens (DigComp) and its dimensions and components;
  • Recognize the significance of DigComp by exploring its different application opportunities and relevance in the context of adult education across Europe, and its impact on fostering digital competence;
  • Understand how DigComp can be used to identify the digital skilling needs and measure the current competence level of a target population;
  • Develop the ability to define clear and measurable educational goals that align with the target population’s digital; competence needs, leveraging the DigComp Framework as a guide;
  • Acquire the skills to design engaging and effective educational and training offers that promote the development of digital competences in the target population, according to the DigComp Framework’s model. 

The Course Modules are:

  1. Ιntroduction to the course;
  2. Understanding DigComp: a brief history of the framework’s evolution and an exploration of its five dimensions;
  3. DigComp applications & benefits;
  4. Using DigComp to identify digital competence needs and priorities and assess initial levels of competences;
  5. Using DigComp to design and develop educational and training activities for adult learners;
  6. Designing and delivering effective learning activities for developing DigComp competences;
  7. Using Digcomp to assess learning achievements and for competence recognition and certification.