Join the DigCompHub’s free pilot training course and mentoring opportunities 👩‍🎓🧑‍🎓🇪🇺


Exciting news! ✨

You can now join the DigCompHub’s free pilot training course on the DigComp Framework! 👩‍🎓🧑‍🎓🇪🇺

The short course (approx. 14 hours study time) provides a comprehensive overview of DigComp, covering its evolution, dimensions, and benefits, and illustrates how it can be used in different steps of education and training (E&T): from the analysis of learners’ digital skilling needs, to curriculum development and the assessment and certification of learning outcomes. 

The course is aimed at adult educators and E&T organisations in general, with the main goal to help them understand DigComp’s nature, manage its flexibility, and apply it effectively in diverse contexts.  

Additional information about the course

–       The course will run four times until Spring 2025

–       The first training cycle starts on February 1, 2024 and lasts 2 weeks

–       Training is asynchronous; online interaction is expected with tutors and among participants 

–       The course is free and open to everyone; a digital device connected to the internet is the only basic requirement to attend

–       Successful course completion leads to an attendance certificate and the possibility to enrol in mentoring sessions over two months after the end of the course

Being a pilot course, we value learner feedback! Participants will be invited to evaluate the course’s content, delivery modes and other aspects. This input will help us improve the course cycle after cycle.

 Registrations are now open here:

The course is hosted by the All Digital Academy Platform, the new training hub managed by All Digital. Registration to the ADA Platform is free, but is required to access and attend the course.

Learn more about this opportunity by visiting our website:

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